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Disclaimer: Nothing special. Just another worthless post.


  1. Job nostalgia

First Job: My first few professional years which taught me the tips and tricks of the trade. I would never forget those memorable days of my life when I used to beg after the first 10 days of every month. It’s not like now I don’t, it’s just that the date has been pushed to 20.

  1. True love

Chicken song: With this, I am taking care of my corporate social responsibility; kind of my way of giving back to the society. Eat chicken, Save trees, Go green!

  1. Layla: Untold Story

Perspective: This is not a sequel. It’s a parallel story describing the same events of Layla: Butterflies with a different perspective.

  1. Paradoxical disclaimer

Poetry and Prose: This is the abstract version of my “About me” page. This is who I am.

  1. Source of truth

Seasonal thought: I guess, I wrote this with the hangover of Suits. Thank God, I didn’t receive any hate mails after this.

  1. Suits: Lessons learnt

Quotes: If you are a show addict. Suits is something that can’t be missed. Check it out now and get mesmerized with the charisma of Harvey Specter.

  1. Layla: Reunion

Narration: I never thought I would write a sequel to it; apparently I did.

  1. Layla: The Conversation

Script: And now this has turned out to be a mega serial (at least this is what people are saying :P)

  1. Life’s BGM

Music: I dedicate this to my earphone. Baby, I can’t live without you.

  1. Who cares!


P.S. I am going to embark on my dream ride tomorrow. I would be riding the length of India for the next 30 days; touching the highest motorable road on this planet 😀 I will not be online while traveling so in case if you wanna connect with me, drop me a text and I will see you when I see you. Wish me luck.

The mission begins.



01 10

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the binary system. Please proceed if you have not read all of my posts published till now.


  1. Sing and Run

Run Motivation: With this, I made my debut to the blogger’s world. I got the thought of it when I was almost about to die while running.

  1. *Blinked*

Weekend thought: This just came with the flow. It is targeting IT Professionals; it may not make sense to the rest of the world.

  1. Two Dimensional Gandhi

Money: I dedicate this to my friend who is never satisfied with how much he earns.

  1. Layla: Butterflies

Love: This is my favorite (written from my heart). It took me a couple of days to finish, but it was worth it. If I would have to recommend a post to people visiting my website for the first time then this would be it.

  1. The Brawl

God’s Conspiracy Theory: This might change your concept of GOD

  1. Sixth Sense

Dride guide: Sixth post, Sixth sense, it was just a coincidence. You will enjoy this one if you live or have been to India.

  1. Holy Crap

First Song: I wrote this in 30 minutes (my personal best) while taking a shit, and it was glorious. By the way, it’s a song, not a poem (It has both, rhythm and harmony). Please note, this is not recommended for the faint-hearted.

  1. The Goal

Meaning of life: Thoughts triggered on a sleepless night

  1. High on Words

Why I write: I assure you, these words popped out when I was not high. Copy that!

  1. The one you are reading right now, it’s just a consolidation. Yeah, that’s it. I have nothing new to publish today.


P.S. I hope you enjoy your visits 😀