Say No

Disclaimer: The below-expressed emotions and experiences are not that of mine, they have been gathered by constant observation.


Bye bye, my whiskey and wine
Will catch up with you some other time
There was a time you made me high
Now, not even one pint is fine

You cured my cold and fever
And even made me feel better
I loved you with my pickle and frimes
But you didn’t give me back a dime

You were my precious
And you taste delicious
You were not a headache
Felt better than a cupcake

You smelled sexy with the likes of Pepsi
You made me sing
and you made me dance
You were worth taking a chance

But now
You might ask
Have you been alright
I have been trying to take another shite

And thinking, why can’t I be fun
Without puking my wine
So now, it’s time to save the time
And say

Bye bye my whiskey and wine
Will fuck with you some other time


P.S. I know the song doesn’t even make sense but I am trying to be a better writer, but I guess, I can’t πŸ˜›


26 thoughts on “Say No

  1. I read your prose over several times, and decided… I don’t have to completely get your meaning to appreciate your thoughts. It’s catchy, and that made it worth a 2nd read. Highest and Best!

    Liked by 1 person

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