11 20

Disclaimer: Nothing special. Just another worthless post.


  1. Job nostalgia

First Job: My first few professional years which taught me the tips and tricks of the trade. I would never forget those memorable days of my life when I used to beg after the first 10 days of every month. It’s not like now I don’t, it’s just that the date has been pushed to 20.

  1. True love

Chicken song: With this, I am taking care of my corporate social responsibility; kind of my way of giving back to the society. Eat chicken, Save trees, Go green!

  1. Layla: Untold Story

Perspective: This is not a sequel. It’s a parallel story describing the same events of Layla: Butterflies with a different perspective.

  1. Paradoxical disclaimer

Poetry and Prose: This is the abstract version of my β€œAbout me” page. This is who I am.

  1. Source of truth

Seasonal thought: I guess, I wrote this with the hangover of Suits. Thank God, I didn’t receive any hate mails after this.

  1. Suits: Lessons learnt

Quotes: If you are a show addict. Suits is something that can’t be missed. Check it out now and get mesmerized with the charisma of Harvey Specter.

  1. Layla: Reunion

Narration: I never thought I would write a sequel to it; apparently I did.

  1. Layla: The Conversation

Script: And now this has turned out to be a mega serial (at least this is what people are saying :P)

  1. Life’s BGM

Music: I dedicate this to my earphone. Baby, I can’t live without you.

  1. Who cares!


P.S. I am going to embark on my dream ride tomorrow. I would be riding the length of India for the next 30 days; touching the highest motorable road on this planet πŸ˜€ I will not be online while traveling so in case if you wanna connect with me, drop me a text and I will see you when I see you. Wish me luck.

The mission begins.


27 thoughts on “11 20

      1. Yo, welcome.. Send me.pics of royal Enfield in leh ladakh once you come back.. (only bike should be in the pic :p)

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Good to hear you like kulfi and not selfie :p
        Yes, after 197637 years, when I join fb, I ll definitely see those pics :p

        Liked by 2 people

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