Life’s BGM

Disclaimer: This is for you, if you can live without oxygen but not without your headphone.


If I wish there was one thing to add on to Life that would be the BGM (background music). Just imagine how awesome your life would be with a background score which keeps changing with the situation. That’s where my earphones or the headphones come to the picture. I can’t even imagine going to the Mars without them (has NASA already started teleporting idiots from Earth).

This is the BGM of life when I


P.S. I would love to hear your life’s BGM and update my playlist too 😀

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75 thoughts on “Life’s BGM

  1. That’s a pretty cool playlist for life.

    I actually had some bum to my life once. I had ended up in psychiatric care (long story) and I think the guy who took art therapy had a sense of humour. He played Pink Floyd, including Comfortably Numb, during our pottery session.

    I don’t know how many of my fellow over-medicated companions noticed, but I did, and appreciated it.

    I finally ‘escaped’ the place and have been well to this day, but I still love that song.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following. Lovely to see what you’re doing here, have followed you right back 🙂

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      1. Hey…
        How about this…?
        1) When I am very excited at what I achieved or am proud that I achieved something I never tried before, I want “Masayume Chasing” by BoA to be playing in the background.
        2) When I am in party-mode, I want “Break Out” by V6 to be playing in the background.

        P.S. Both are Japanese songs… 😛

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  2. Hmmmm yes agreed ….maybe turn life into a musical …you know …next time someone is getting irrate and uppity about something take them off guard by bursting into song ….hmmmm think I might try it …it’s worth a go …it will either result in a punch OR turn the situation into something akin to Pharrels ‘Happy’ vid:D:D:D

    Oh and I’m with bloggery ….music often just pops into my head throughout the day which matches the scene…’s harmless insanity tho isn’t it? ……isn’t it????D:D

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    1. It should be harmless 😃 not sure about the insanity part coz it happens with me too 😉

      P.S. Chances of getting punched in the face are higher 😂

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      1. Hmmmm your probably right re the punch BUT if you sing really loud in an opera voice you’ll throw them off guard for a second …enough time to jump into the car and get the hell out of there with a pip pip and a cheery wave from the window as you career of singing FIGARRO LI FIGARRO LA in your best barritone

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  3. This is a wonderful playlist. Some of them, like Highway to Hell and Ain’t No Grave are my ATFs. Then there are some I haven’t even heard of.
    I don’t know whether this is a stupids-only thing, but I have songs running in my head all the time. Well, not quite all the time, but a large part of the day (you get the drift). And it becomes a big thing when I’m in any examination hall, with songs that I might not have heard in ages playing on a loop. I’m like, what the heck!

    Nice post though! 🙂

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      1. It’s been great JD. I had lunch with my hubby in a mountain side cafe then went for a rainforest walk. Not bad for a gray winter Melbourne day! 🙂

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  4. Yellow is one of my favorite songs, but no I don’t sing it while shitting. Come on, that song has a nice meaning. Shit spoils it. :p
    I remember, one of my cousin used to sing “baar baar dekho, hazar baar dekho” while in the loo.

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