Layla: The Conversation

Disclaimer: All characters and events depicted below are purely fictional. Any resemblance to a real person, living or dead is purely coincidental. Check out Layla: Butterflies (Click here)Layla: Untold Story (Click here) and Layla: Reunion (Click here) before proceeding any further.


He: So I am just another guy from your college, huh.

She: Yup, you think you are special

(They both laughed. He points towards the friend)

He: Okay, you both look like good friends!

She: Yeah, she is a good friend of mine. We both did our MBA together and got placed at Ignited minds. She is more into business analysis and I got into what I always wanted. Human Resource.

He: Yeah, you always wanted to interact with Humans and break their heart. I have experienced that before.

(They both laughed.)

He: By the way, from where did you do your MBA? Did you get into IIM after college?

She: Yeah, I made it on the second attempt.

He: That’s awesome. So how was IIM, full of geeks?

She: Haha, nothing like that. People who come to IIM have vision. They actually know what they want in their life. They are more focused, career oriented…

He: Geeks! Or Nerds! Whatever you wanna call them.

She: For a change, I would let you win the argument, for this time.

He: Finally, that day has arrived. I reckon the world is going to end!

She: Now don’t overdo this. So what did you do after college?

He: I was never into studies. You know, I had a bad relationship with classrooms. They were never meant for me. I always wanted to become independent, I felt ashamed asking for money from my mom-dad. So I started working. I joined an IT firm. I worked my ass off for three years. Here I am.

She: Yeah, you barely entered the class. And if you do, you used to spend half of your time with your stupid friends and the rest staring at me.

He: Staring at you! I was a daydreamer. I was actually looking out of the window, what can I do if you were sitting in the same direction!

She: Blah, blah, blah…

He: Haha, Okay, I was.

She: I knew.

He: Oh, this is awkward.

She: What?

He: Hey, you want a drink? Do you even drink? Shall I get you a Mocktail?

She: You have no idea!

He: From when did you start? Beer!

She: Scotch, large, please.

He: Woah, are you sure about this?

She: As I said, you have no idea!

He: Okay, your majesty. Your wish is my command

(He goes and gets two glass of Scotch)

She: This is good

(He starts staring at her)

She: What, why are you staring at me?

He: Nothing. I never thought we will cross paths again

She: Crossing our path again! Let’s say cheers to that!

He: Cheers!

She: So you got a girlfriend? Let me guess – “No…”

He: What if I say – “Yes…”

She: Then you would be lying.

He: How can you be so sure about it? You never know what happened in the last 3 years!

She: But I know you.

He: Really! I still remember you saying “You hardly know me”

She: I never said that.

He: Yes you did.

She: I may have said, “We hardly know each other”!

He: Poteto, potato, whatever! It doesn’t matter now.

She: Yeah, so what did you do after “That”?

He: You mean after proposing you, LoL

She: Haha, yeah. You got drunk, screamed from the rooftop, called my name in your sleep and wept like a child! What did you do?

He: Haha, why do you wanna know? Now you care about me!

She: Haha, nope. I am just curious.

He: So you want to know, how I suffered, huh. You cruel, dragon hearted b****.

(They both laughed)

He: Okay, I will tell you. There was this bug in my mind that you are the most important person in my life and I wanted to convey my feelings to you. Once I did, that bug died. I felt relieved.

She: So you mean to say, that feeling was becoming more of a liability to you?

He: Haha, no I didn’t mean that. Now don’t try to twist this. I mean, I was sad and happy at the same time. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life thinking, it would have been different if I would have told you the way I felt about you. I got your answer. So no hard feelings.

She: We were just two dumb kids who didn’t know what life was all about.

(He smirks)

She: Have you ever imagined what would have happened if I would have said “Yes”!

He: You know me, I don’t think a lot, I just do

She: Yeah, I know, you are dumb. But I thought about it, you are coming from an orthodox Hindu family and I am a Christian. Our parents would have never accepted each other.

He: The matter never got escalated till there. You resolved it in the initial phase itself.

(Conversation went on and six pegs went down)

She: I need a minute

He: Are you going to throw up?

She: Excuse me!

(She comes back after 5 minutes)

She: I am done for the day. Let’s hit the road

He: Okay, let me call a cab.

She: Cab! I have a car.

He: But you are not in a state of handling a car

She: That’s why you will.

He: Do you have insurance.

She: Yes, I do. Here is the key.

(They both laughed, said goodbye to their friend and came out)

To be continued – Layla: Rhythm and the Beats (Click here)


P.S. Wear your seat belt folks, it’s going to be a long drive 😀

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