Source of Truth

Disclaimer: I always tell the truth, even when I lie


Don’t worry, I am not gonna talk about GOD; I am talking about Truth. And no, they are not synonymous.  Have you ever imagined what it means when people refer to Truth? Even I haven’t given much of a thought until now.

The truth is: A country’s judicial system rests on it. People’s life, their future, fate is decided by it!

Lately, you might have heard about Muhammad Ali, The Greatest. It’s not just his nickname; he is regarded as the greatest Boxer of all time. Now, have you heard of Willie Pep? (Yeah, even he is dead) Pep is the only boxer to win 229 fights out of 241 and as per the stats; he came out on top in 1,956 rounds, which is no joke. If we go by the facts, William Pep is the greatest on paper. Is it true that he is better than Muhammad Ali? Naah, I don’t think so. Now that’s perception.  So this is where I am getting at, please don’t confuse “Truth” with “Fact”. The fact is something that has happened, it’s about the reality. Facts are figures, they are always constant; but truth, on the other hand, is the story behind the reality, a variable, it changes every single time.

The truth is told only once, it can never be repeated. And whenever it’s retold, it’s just another perception of the truth and not the truth itself.

Let’s assume there was an incident in your life which you can never forget. Think about the instance when you proposed your woman for the first time. It was the moment of truth, as real as it can get but when you try to recollect and narrate it, you may add a few corny dialog and try to make it more romantic and engaging for the listener. The thing is, your brain renders the images from your memory and directs a movie out of it, which might look very analogous with the actual incident, but may not be entirely true.

The truth is, we all have our own versions of the truth.


P.S. I always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth 😛 Take it with a pinch of salt.

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75 thoughts on “Source of Truth

  1. This was a neat breakdown of the word “truth”. I had taken a philosophy class and we had to breakdown the word truth as well, so this was some of what we discussed more or less. You did a great job of elaborating the meaning.


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  2. I think that was probably the most truthful thing I have read when it comes to talking about truth. I like your style, very matter-of-fact, and not trying to be “politically correct” (which I think is highly overrated). Thanks for the follow; I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Blessings to you.

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  3. You’ve explained the difference with such a simple clarity!
    Kudos mate! And btw- I like your way of writing too 🙂 looking forward to more! Cheers!

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  4. Welcome my new guy!! I admite ut attitude.d truth is real when it our heart say coz he lives in d heart.fact n truth r very opppsite from each other, very much like south pole n north pole. One belongs to heart and one to the world.

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