Sixth Sense

Disclaimer: This is for you if you are planning to visit India sometime soon. We Indians are already aware of the below situation, so it won’t bother us. I dedicate this to all my countrymen (and especially women)


Lately, India has become a hot spot for travelers. It always was and will be, for its spirituality, history, architecture, culture, folk art and adventure (yeah its adventure for them to roam around the streets of India, lol). From my perspective, India is all about the experience. You guys will definitely see something you have never seen, feel something you have never experienced.

And today I am gonna write about of one the most exciting thing you can experience in India. But for that, you need to dride (relax, you won’t find that in the dictionary, I will explain it to you) Most of the tourists don’t ride or drive (dride, see), because if they do, they know they won’t make it out alive. But my suggestion will be to go for it. It will be an awesome experience, like the one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Below are few things to check out when you try driding in India.

  • Lane Discipline – Forget about it. If you see a road divided by white blocks of paint, it’s just an illusion. You are the king; the whole road belongs to you. Who gives a fuck about the drider coming from the opposite direction! Just make yourself at home. We are known for our hospitality.
  • Riding Gear – We have all the 5 gears, including the reverse. Oh! You mean the helmet, yeah it guards our elbow. That’s like the most important part of the body. Who cares about the head?
  • Indicator – Driding is like a game of chess for us. We won’t let each other know our next move. Some of us are aware of the secret switch, the indicator, but we don’t see any point in using them.
  • Honking – Now this is something we love. It’s our favorite pastime in a traffic jam. As soon as the signal turns green, we have a ritual to honk endlessly.
  • Threesome – Few of us are so inclined towards threesome that you will apparently find 3 or more people on a motorcycle. (I am not sure if this increases the stability of the motorcycle or gives them any physical pleasure)
  • Women Driders – This should have been the first point. Always pay attention as soon as you locate women driders in your radar. You never know what’s going to happen next.
  • Bad Roads – Get your eyes inspected before such trip. You need to discover patches of road amid the potholes.
  • Footpath – Consider it as an extended road. No one gives a damn about pedestrians.
  • Crossroads – Look Twice. You might encounter someone (women) driding from the wrong side
  • Night Driving – You should practice the art of driding with a blindfold before trying this. Sounds exciting, huh. Everybody is going to dride towards you with their high-beam on. There is nothing much you can do, just try to keep your eyes open and put your high-beam on (give it back baby)
  • Miscellaneous – If everything goes smooth; a kid, a dog or a cow might emerge in the middle of a highway (most probably on a blind curve, lol). You are dead meat in case you bump into them.

We all know that common sense is very common and the same is applicable for road sense. Our driders have “I don’t give a damn” attitude, and that’s our swag. We don’t even know how to spell – ROAD SENSE

This is how few of us spell it“Abe chenchod kahaan dekh ke chala raha hai” This one sentence is more than enough to describe the road sense in India. Yeah, we don’t give a shit.


P.S. Still wanna dride in India; you gotta have that sixth sense installed. In case you wanna buy some, just reach out to any of us, we have our stocks loaded 😛

On a serious note, India is an awesome place to dride. You will have one hell of a time. And I am going to be busy with my job, please don’t be surprised if you don’t find new posts anytime soon.

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105 thoughts on “Sixth Sense

  1. Hahaha! This is too funny and true….thats what I see and experience evrry other day…..and the funniest thing is that people are else too busy but on roads all armed and ready to get into a verbal battle and who bothers about the time then (but I’m an exception…lol)

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  2. haha ! this is so damn true 😀 ” Oh! You mean the helmet, yeah it guards our elbow. That’s like the most important part of the body. Who cares about the head?” I liked this one the best 😀 true true true !! Yay yay JD !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah, India. One day I hope to make a spiritual journey there. But really, I’m afraid of the water. When I was in Egypt I didn’t drink a drop — lived off beer and chips and bottled water. But somehow, I still got something. In retrospect it was from brushing my teeth. How innocuous, right, but there it is.

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  4. Omg!! You just drawn the picture of India through your brilliant way of writing!!
    It was fun reading but damn truth 😀…

    Thank you so much JD for following me and letting me know about this wonderful blog! Gonna enjoy reading more from here.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. While I haven’t been to India and have only seen it in films, what I see of the driving reminds me of my visit to Saigon. Driving there could be most dangerous. A colleague and friend with whom I traveled explained it like this. “The families are poor. The cyclists figure that if they are killed their family would get some money from the person who hits them.” She said it so matter-of-factly I was stunned but she was serious.

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  6. Hell’s bells! Someone worse than us Greeks on the road! Yep, it all sounds familiar – the honking, the elbow guards, the potholes. One difference – no cows on the road. But in the islands or the countryside, you still might get a donkey or a flock of sheep if you’re lucky…

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  7. Hahaha! Had a good morning laugh at this. So apt and hilarious. I thought it was just my city, never knew it was the whole Indian quality!
    Thanks for following my blog and getting me here! 🙂

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