The Brawl

Disclaimer: Before you scroll any further, you need to be cognizant of the Big Bang theory, Accelerating Universe, Plasma Cosmology and the Alpha and the Omega. Just kidding, now please turn off your scientific thinking (any of the Rohit Shetty films might help).


Just imagine, we have (or had) the perfect planet for our survival. It’s placed so immaculately in our cosmos that an inch here or there might cost a lifetime to the mankind. It always rotates and revolves at a constant speed in our solar system, wow! We have a balanced atmosphere with right proportions of various gasses indispensable for our existence. We have got everything we need viz. oxygen, water, food (trees for herbivorous and animals for carnivorous). I always wonder how everything can be so impeccable!  The complexity of our planet simply points towards a deliberate design.

There are two kinds of people in this world, ones who believe in the Creator (or so called GOD) and the ones who believe in Science. Just for a moment, let’s not talk about the scientific origins of the universe; let us assume that the universe is created by the Great Architect. Yes, I am saying that the GOD do exist (lol, and may be, he sounds like Morgan Freeman). What if he was the one who started the big (gang) bang! You may not believe in him but you always silently pray in your head when you feel something bad is about to happen.

You can always put up several points to defer like the ones listed below

  • Where was your GOD during the earthquake, he just let millions of people die
  • What was he doing when the kid was born without limbs
  • Why can’t he stop the war
  • Why did he instigate Cancer in this world
  • Why can’t he make everybody rich and happy
  • Why can’t he make every man handsome and every woman beautiful
  • Why can’t he control Bangalore traffic!
  • Why did he let my dog eat his own poop :/

Okay, so this is my hypothesis, if there is a GOD then there is a DEVIL. And the devil is the root cause of all the infamously diabolical things happening in this world. So we don’t have one but two supreme beings who fight each other eternally in some unknown dimension for every incident that occurs in this universe. Maybe you survived that nasty accident without a scratch just because the GOD won that fight for you (you might call it luck or whatever that means).

They are just like Batman and Joker. They both complete each other and create equilibrium in this universe. And they are inside your head. You are the GOD and the DEVIL.

May the force be with you _/\_


P.S. I am an agnostic myself just trying to come up with some dumb theory and I don’t intend to wage war between atheists and theists.

On your face, Neil deGrasse Tyson :p

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23 thoughts on “The Brawl

  1. I believe God is inside us – the power – the soul – our heart is the god
    Yes I agree that universe is a brilliant creation but to trust a conscience I believe it’s a power
    In its most beautiful way
    He left us on our own fate – so here we are – Surviving n scratching ourselves
    God is not to b blamed – what is to be blamed it the real Worship, the truth n purity of heart & the positivity of soul$ ! Of course that needs to b right 😀

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  2. LOL good one.You have discussed a topic I have for long been interestd in.Yeah its confusing sometimes,the existence of god.You are right in many ways.But I m a believer.Not the religious type.I believe that God exists as some force.

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  3. First, you blog is contagious, I must read everything! Your disclaimers are perfection and your comedic timing is a thing of beauty! Second, I have no idea how you found my blog and why you picked it to follow, but I am beyond grateful! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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  4. Well I need to say…..The”Disclaimers” b4 ur posts are hilarious…..I just stepped on ur blog…and I can’t figure out …how to stop reading ur posts😄😄😄
    Every post is very interesting…..

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  5. It’s axiomatic that a Creator capable of all this can use any methods he likes. Chaotic complexity and our lack of comprehension is a given, considering. Assuming His goal would be to keep you personally, or anyone, alive in this body, while possible, is hubris. We’ve no shortage of that, of course.

    I believe evil arises quite naturally, given the scenario as it appears. No devil necessary. We’re devil enough ourselves.

    “You have to be an Indian to know these things.” ;o)

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      1. …..I wish:D:D:D
        It could be fun tho if everyone thought …AHAaa!!! ….ditched their ordinary attire in favour of their superhero outfit of choice:D:D:D
        Just burst into song when they felt like it like in the movies:D:D:D
        LOVE the humour in your posts and the messages they are conveying ….a FABULOUS blog:)

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