Disclaimer: To all the accountants, artists, bankers, doctors, lawyers, multimedia professionals or public servants; this post won’t matter for you guys, you can drop off if you want to because we are about to discuss a much more fascinating species…IT Professionals (do I sound really proud, lol).


In the 21st century, IT industry has become one of the largest sectors of all time, so as per the theory of probability you can find a lot of diversity in the crowd of IT (hot chicks too :D). You are going to meet innovators (obvious cliche), geeks (weirdos), skillful tech enthusiasts (made for IT), hard workers (people who don’t know what else to do), smart workers (another overused jargon), survivors (that guy who does not do anything in a 10 member team), frustrated professionals (I have a theory for this, sum of all the frustrated IT professionals are greater than the sum of all the other frustrated people in the world).

My recommendation will be to join IT only if you are made for it or else if you can’t find any other job.

Anyway, on this dawn (come on its already 12 P.M, yeah but 12 P.M is my dawn) I just thought to write about the most frequently encountered question of all time in IT fraternity “So, how was your weekend?” (I am sorry freshers, sadly this will not be asked in any of your job interviews). This question has assassinated a lot of Monday dreams.

Your hold in technology, communication and diplomacy is only required to embark in IT but your ability to thrive lies in how tactically you answer this question. This is something you will bump into after every “hi” or “hey” on Monday morning (shortest horror story of our lives) you will be asked the same question by a hell lot of people, so you better be prepared for it?

You are just about to peek into a typical week of IT Professionals

Tuesday – We generally carry forward our Monday hangover and crib about our Manager, team lead or client. Yeah, that’s what we do.

Wednesday – “Man I wanted to be an automobile engineer, what the fuck am I doing here? I should start a business or look for a government job”

Thursday – Reached the end of thinking capacity. “Chalo hafta khatam hone ko aagaya hai”

Friday – “Bhai, aaj toh Friday hai. Kaam, humse na ho payega munna!”

Saturday & Sunday – *BLINK*

Monday – “What the fuck” and after that comes “so, how was your weekend?”

Now let’s come to the main event, how to answer this apparently simple but really sophisticated question

  1. Say what you actually did on the weekend – I was riding or tripping or partying, saw a movie, played badminton, hanging out with my friends, went out with my GF (if you want to make others jealous) …
  2. Come up with a cheeky reply to reconstruct your boring world to an awesome one – converting oxygen (food) into carbon dioxide (poop), counting my heart beats, killing time or I was falling in love with my bed…
  3. Just cook up some story, this might be fascinating to the listener and he might envy you (that sounds good) – Let your imagination do the talking. Just don’t plot so much that you bring dragons (i know you watch Game of Thrones) and vampires in your theme. You can include all the points from number 1 as well
  4. Try to dodge people or abstain from making a conversation
  5. It was okay, nice, good or awesome

And what I did on this weekend, I just blinked.

Note: Guys, I would really appreciate if you can stop asking the same question. At least try to innovate (rephrase)


P.S. I hope you enjoyed this one. Have a great weekend.

I have tried to include all the suggestions which you guys have given (for my first blog). I am trying to stick to the topic and be as precise as I can (but my mind wanders a lot – I deliberately used the beer in the image to attract all the drunkards to my page)

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